DEC IMPIANTI - our principles

Our aim is to develop advanced sustainable technologies, products, processes and solutions to provide a complete range of services to prevent, control and reduce environmental pollution.

DEC IMPIANTI recognizes the role it must play in helping to develop the economic, social and environmental solutions that will meet today's demands while preserving the promise of the future.

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Service to customers

A prime objective of our company is to meet our customers' needs for quality products and services. This implies identifying and solving their problems, intensifying contacts with them, listening to what they say and anticipating the future needs of the market.

Respect for the individual

We believe that the success of our company depends on the combined talents and performance of dedicated people. For this reason, we want:

* everyone in the organization to respect each other's rights and dignity;

* to help our people develop their talents and make optimal use of their abilities and potential;

* to provide recognition based on performance and contribution to DEC IMPIANTI's success;

* to encourage internal information-sharing and open dialogue.


We want to meet high standards of performance in all our activities. We are committed to selecting, developing and promoting personnel with self-drive and empathy who:

* combine professional competence with a leadership style that motivates colleagues to high performance;

* have an open mind, understand the needs of the company and have the courage to question decisions and policies;

* have the flexibility required to broaden their experience;

* demonstrate these corporate principles in their plans, decisions and actions.

Obligation to stockholders

In order to maintain our commitment to research, ensure our growth and independence, provide employment opportunities, cover risks and pay an attractive return on invested capital, we aim to achieve above-average profitability in our industry.

Obligation to society

We want to maintain high ethical standards in our business dealings to protect the environment. We will also maintain these standards in adhering to local, national and international laws, with no compromise.

Open to change

We want to be innovative and see changes as opportunities. Being active in high-technology fields, we must recognize new trends at a very early stage and be open to unconventional ideas. We see complacency as a threat. It is therefore our policy to encourage everywhere in the company the curiosity needed to be open to the world and to welcome changes.