DEC IMPIANTI - our people, key asset

DEC IMPIANTI's main strength is its workforce of men and women who strive daily to understand our customers' needs and provide them with effective and innovative solutions. Because our customers differ in terms of business, strategy, geography and size, we have developed a decentralized organization that allows our teams to act independently, grow closer to our customers, better understand their needs, and take local initiatives. Like our customers, these teams are multicultural and "multi-skilled".

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DEC IMPIANTI works hard to reward its employees and help them develop their careers. Our career management policy allows all employees to broaden or further develop their skills in a highly motivating, professional environment.

The development and enhancement of its employees, the protection of health and safety, the creation of a positive working environment that offers equal opportunities to everyone based on merit and without discrimination, the development of professional and managerial expertise, the involvement of employees so that they can actively contribute to the processes of improvement are essential components of DEC IMPIANTI's heritage. Encouraging the development of our employees, developing their skills and expertise, acknowledging merit and establishing responsibilities are the main objectives of DEC IMPIANTI's management and development model. Our people are highly skilled, educated and motivated to safely operate our plants and business efficiently. We value our people as our key asset and therefore seek to optimize the potential of each and every employee.

Fresh degree, diploma graduates and school leavers are given on the job training, work exposure and close supervision to enable them to acquire confidence, knowledge, operating skills and mentor's know how as quickly as possible.

Job rotation and enrichment program gives the person the depth and breadth to his work experience, thereby optimizing his potential, enabling him to achieve personal job satisfaction and promoting his career advancement opportunities.