static | rotary | fluidized bed concentrators

Concentrators are ideal for treating large volumes of air, with small concentration of solvents (typically 0,1÷0,5 g/Nm3 ): this system shall not be considered as an alternative to LEL recirculation systems (DEC.LEL™).

The Solvent Laden Air (SLA) passing through the adsorption system, comes into contact with the absorbent bed (~90% of exposed surface), where the VOC are retained. During the regeneration VOCs are desorbed and concentrated in a flow stream that is typically 10 ÷ 30 times smaller than the original SLA stream.

Once concentrated, the SLA can be efficiently treated in a VOC treatment system.

DEC.XBC™ available configurations

  • DEC.SBC™ • Static Bed Concentrators
  • DEC.RBC™ • Rotary Bed Concentrators
  • DEC.FBC™ • Fluidized Bed Concentrators
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