Distillation Systems: Batch & Continuous

The distillation systems are coupled with the activated carbon solvent recovery plants, in order to separate the mix of "raw" recovered solvents. If the solvents are soluble (totally or partially) with water, in order to increase the overall efficiency, the use of our dehydration systems may be mandatory, so to remove the residual water content in the raw recovered solvent (coming from the humidity), before feeding the distillation plant.

The following processes are available (stand-alone or multi-effect configuration):

  • DEC.DST-a™ - atmospheric distillation;
  • DEC.DST-p™ - pressure distillation;
  • DEC.DST-v™ - vacuum distillation;
  • DEC.DST-e™ - extractive distillation.
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    When facing azeotropic mixtures (an azeotrope is a mixture of two or more compounds that cannot be separated or changed by simple distillation), different configurations of the distillation system shall be applied: some of the azeotropes require a change in the exercise pressure of the distillation system, known as pressure swing distillation (DEC.DST-p™ and/or DEC.DST-v™), while some require an additional solvent, an entrainer, known as extractive distillation (DEC.DST-e™): these processes are known as azeotropic distillation systems. When extractive distillation is the solution, the quantity, cost and availability of the entrainer should be considered. The solvent(s) should be easily separable from the entrainer, and should not react chemically with the components or the mixture fed to the distillation system. Traces of the entrainer, always remain in the distilled product, thus representing a contamination if the solvent shall comply with severe codes (i.e. food contact, tobacco, pharamceutical): in this case, extractive distillation shall not be considered as a valid option.

    We are equipped with some of the world's most advanced process simulators, with an internal database connected with most famouse Research Institutes & Universities: this to have "true" results and not theoretical ones. Infact the experience in engineering these units has "true and realistic" results. The number of the columns, the number of theoretical equilibrium stages (practically, the number of trays or the height of structured packing), in other words the study of the distillation units is performed, case by case, to the optimization of products, that, to be re-used into the productive cycle, have to satisfy many requisites, above all the purity.