solvent recovery systems, steam regeneration (TSA)

DEC.RSV™ steam desorption

DEC IMPIANTI is offering several decades of experience in design and installation of the most technically advanced and efficient vapor phase solvent recovery systems.

Solvent recovery systems, based on activated carbon adsorption, steam regenerated, are using a technology which has been proven in thousands industrial applications (mainly for mono solvent systems), treating variable volumes of gaseous effluent (2.000 ÷ 1.000.000 Nm³/h); steam is used for the regeneration of the adsorption media (activated carbon), determining this process to be ideal for the recovery of non water miscible solvents or for solvents which do not form azeotropic mixtures with water: in this case you have to apply the inert gas (nitrogen, N2) regeneration process DEC.RSG™

The most common process for the on-site regeneration of activated carbon uses direct steam.

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The solvent recovery unit is formed by two or more activated carbon adsorbers, that alternate an adsorption phase with a regeneration one. The Solvent Laden Air (S.L.A.), once it has been treated (filtered and conditioned), passes through the activated carbon bed of the adsorber that is in the adsorption phase: the carbon adsorbs the solvent and the air comes out cleansed. In the next phase a low-pressure steam flow, transferring heat to the activated carbon bed, desorbs the solvent. After it has been condensed, the solvent is sent to a static separator or distillation system to divide the water phase from the organic one.

DEC Solvent Recovery Units (SRUs) are available in both skid modular layout (DEC.SMS™ • Smart Modular Systems, pre-built and pre-tested at our workshops) or in full customizable version (DEC.CBS™ • Custom Built Systems, with on-site erection).

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient solvent recovery unit, DEC.SRUs™ (Solvent Recovery Units) are the right and best option: DEC.SRUs™ are the most advanced and reliable Solvent Recovery Units on the market, with processes, configurations and options to meet the needs of different applications, present and future challenges. Feel free to contact DEC: we can help you assess your needs and recommend the best SRU for your operation.

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