Polymer Resin Adsorbent

DEC.PRA™ • Polymer Resin Adsorbent

DEC.PRA™ • Polymer Resin Adsorbent are a type of porous material that can be used to remove contaminants from a variety of fluids. They are made from polymers, which are large molecules that are made up of repeating units of smaller molecules. The pores in polymer resin adsorbents are created during the polymerization process, with a pore structure tailored during synthesis process, obtaining a three-dimensional mesh structure with enhanced selective adsorption characteristics.

Polymeric adsorbents (e.g. aromatic polystyrenic and polydivinylbenzene, aliphatic methacrylic resins) have a number of advantages over other types of adsorbents (e.g. activated carbon or zeolite): these resins are very versatile and can be tailored to specific applications. For example, polymer resin adsorbents can be designed to remove specific contaminants or to be used in specific environments, while also often more stable than other types of adsorbents and can withstand harsher conditions (extremely low metal impurities, no support to polymerization issues and pore clogging/blocking).

The greater the surface area of the adsorbent, the greater the capacity. One gram of DEC.PRA™ resin has high surface area, typically raging from 400 ÷ 1.200 m2/gram: the greater the surface area, the more molecules can be adsorbed.

The selction of the right adsorbent is linked to the solvent characteristics (polar or non-polar), the possible chemical interactions and the size of VOC molecules.

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DEC.PRA™ • Polymer Resin Adsorbent: a versatile material for a wide range of applications.

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