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Training (OJT), internal communications, a system aimed at directing and assessing performance and the evaluation of potential and individual skills are the main tools used to implement this model. Their purpose is to assist personal growth, encouraging employee participation, making them increasingly aware of and responsible for the company's objectives and strategies, and at the same time, to promote a positive working environment, characterized by a proactive approach, respect, trust and collaboration, maintaining an open and constructive dialogue with employee representatives.

training, safety, safety first, sicurezza, formazione, ingegneria, sis

One of DEC IMPIANTI's main objectives is to ensure the safety of its employees and its customers.

Safety is absolutely essential, and is grounded in the conviction that all accidents can be prevented. Everyone, from the president down, is responsible for preventing accidents by observing safety rules.

Through this commitment and by developing an acute sense of Safety Awareness, we have managed to substantially reduce the number of work-related accidents over the years.

Ensuring the safety of our customers means that our plants must meet general safety criteria, as well as each customer's specific requirements and environmental protection standards. It is our policy to fully inform our customers of the risks associated with the handling and use of our plants, and we recommend measures for preventing accidents.

training, safety, safety first, sicurezza, formazione, ingegneria, sis

We also offer our customers specially designed training courses for their employees and their specific hazards.