DEC IMPIANTI - research and development

DEC IMPIANTI's work is based on an open attitude towards new ideas, on pushing back the boundaries of knowledge and on promoting the exchange of experiences, competencies as well as technical and scientific know-how. In this context, DEC is fully committed to studying new technologies, new services and new products that are environmentally compatible. Moreover, thanks to the support of a network of internationally renowned research centers, we carry out studies in the fields of economics, environment and sustainable development.

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By organizing our R&D efforts into major projects we can not only maintain a long-term commitment to specific fields of research, but also respond more rapidly to new safety and process reliability requirements and offer new products and services to the market.

The development of modern solutions and the application of advanced technologies to satisfy the specific demands of customers, constitute the foundations of the company's mission.

This business strategy is supported by a continuous investment in the improvement of the company's and its employees' know-how, together with the most advanced techniques of Knowledge Management.

Moreover, the flexible organization of the company and a competent use of ICT technologies, allow to combine talent and creativity with technology and competence, giving solutions that always fit the technological tendencies, respecting the functional character of systems.

The research is realized within programs started by the European Union and through the structure of our international partners.

The competition on the international market of the research guarantees a constant and dynamic growth, besides facilitating the exchanges and relationships with international partners.

This is an important condition to guarantee the competitiveness of our Company as to technological and economic plan.