DEC IMPIANTI - news 2012

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  • 21.12.2012 - .... our Season's Greetings (2012-2013)
  • 07.11.2012 - AMCOR Flexibles: new contract for a DEC.EXR™ nitrogen regenerated activated carbon solvent recovery system (Confidential).
  • 11.10.2012 - GIFLEX 2012: the XXVII annual meeting promoted by GIFLEX, an Italian Association that brings together producers of printed flexible packaging, using both flexo and rotogravure printing technology. This Group is part of the Italian Manufacturers' Association, being part of the National Association of Printing, Paper and Converting Industries, and belongs to the EAFA division FPE (Flexible Packaging Europe). Meet us at ERGIFE Palace Hotel - (Rome, Italy).
  • 14.09.2012 - PROPAK Ambalaj: successful start-up of the DEC.RSX™ solvent recovery plant (Düzce, Turkey).
  • 11.09.2012 - PROFLEX 2012: the 66th DFTA Autumn Convention, combined with the ProFlex 2012 exhibition. Visit us at Stuttgart Media University [booth #26] (PRAXAIR - PST) - (Stuttgart, Germany).
  • 27.08.2012 - GRI (Global Reporting Initiative): PRAXAIR released the 2012 Sustainable Development Report, which conforms to the GRI 3.1 Guidelines; the report received the highest rating of A+, representing the greatest level of disclosure.
  • 09.07.2012 - SOUZA CRUZ, British American Tobacco: successful start-up of the DEC.RSX™ solvent recovery plant (Porto Alegre, Brazil).
  • 03.05.2012 - DRUPA 2012: the world's leading exhibition of Print Media Industry. Visit us at Messe-Düsseldorf [Hall 12 / A70] (PRAXAIR - PST) - (Düsseldorf, Germany).
  • 02.05.2012 - MO.CEL: new contract for a DEC.RSX™ nitrogen regenerated activated carbon solvent recovery system (Italy).
  • 09.02.2012 - SITITALIA: new contract for a hybrid system (DEC.HYB™), composed of a DEC.RSX™ nitrogen regenerated activated carbon solvent recovery system and a DEC.RTO™ regenerative thermal oxidizer (Italy).
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