industries and markets served

deep domain referenced expertise

DEC is a global corporation, with a global network of facilities and partners in every corner of the world: wherever you are, DEC will support you with sustainable processes, technologies and products that make life easier, production more efficient and business more profitable, delivering support on the five continents through a distributed local organization, thanks to strategic partnerships, joint-ventures, licensees and agencies, with operations in more than 50 countries.

our target industries

Across the many industries and markets we serve, DEC represents deep domain referenced expertise and a commitment to customer value. We cover a wide range of industrial markets, including:

  • converting
  • flexible packaging (e.g. roto, flexo, etc.)
  • solvent based lamination
  • coating (tissue, paper, film and foil)
  • lacquering
  • nonowen hygiene products (AHP)
  • publication (helio printing)
  • tobacco (tipping & packaging)
  • banknote currency printing
  • adhesive tapes
  • paper plasticization
  • fine chemicals
  • oil & gas
  • pharmaceutical
  • electronics and batteries (Li-ION)
  • solar panels
  • automotive
  • paper mill
  • groundwater treatment
  • rubber, bitumen covering, degreasing
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