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DEC IMPIANTI S.p.A. is a private corporation, focused on engineering and supply of turn key sustainable industrial VOCs and HAPs emission control systems for the flexible packaging, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. Backed with 75+ years of global experience, thanks to products of the highest quality, patented and/or innovative processes, with thousands of systems in operation, we are facing the global challenges, focusing on innovative sustainable technologies and research.

As worldwide market leaders in activated carbon solvent recovery systems (SRU), inert gas (nitrogen, N2) regenerated, DEC IMPIANTI has designed, engineered and delivered more units than any other competitor combined.

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Heritage & Innovation

DEC IMPIANTI has a long and proud history of fearless innovations: our roots go back to 1946 (Milan, Italy). We have always been passionate about creating and developing new innovative sustainable technologies and processes to help protect the environment, and they set out to create a corporation that, over the years, would be the global leader in the field of pollution control, with VOC recovery systems and units (SRU).

Market Leader

DEC IMPIANTI leads the way in VOC recovery solutions. Our unrivalled technical expertise and experience in innovative sustainable solvent recovery systems make us the world's leading contractor: no other entity has the same breadth and depth of experience or talented inert gas activated carbon solvent recovery engineering resource. This is reflected in our long-term alliances and service agreements with most of the industry's leading companies.

Think Globally, Act Locally

Backed with several decades of fearless technical innovations, DEC IMPIANTI has a global network of facilities and partners in every corner of the world: wherever you are, DEC IMPIANTI will support you with sustainable processes, technologies and products that make life easier, production more efficient and business more profitable, delivering support on the five continents through a distributed local organization, thanks to strategic partnerships, joint-ventures, licensees and agencies, with operations in more than 50 countries.

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